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Next-generation tracking.

Outleads enables you to push phone sales – as well as offline sales from phone calls and form submissions – to Google Analytics™ and AdWords™. Now you can go beyond simply tracking the number of phone calls received and focus instead on the metric that really matters: your phone sales.

Automate top-notch results.

Automated optimization through tools like Conversion Optimizer, Enhanced CPC, and Target Return on Ad Spend are some of AdWords™ most notable features. E-commerce advertisers have been using them for years, with returns often crossing 20%. If you advertise online, but sell offline, pushing offline sales data into AdWords™ enables you to utilize the power of these technologies exactly the same way.

Optimize for sales, not calls or leads.

Simply put, communicating a phone call as a conversion enables AdWords™ to optimize for phone calls, while communicating a phone sale as a conversion enables AdWords™ to optimize for phone sales. Rather than maximizing your lead volume with the hope of maximizing your bottom line, Outleads enables you to directly maximize the metric that matters most: sales.

Go beyond manual.

Even if you already have deep analytics about the online campaigns that generate your offline sales and are constantly adjusting your campaigns based on this data, pushing phone and offline conversions to AdWords™ will still make a difference. Manual adjustment is great, but there’s nothing like putting the power of computerized algorithms that analyze billions of data points and real-time calculations to work on maximizing your conversions around the clock.

Make your budget smarter.

While you can always change your campaign budgets and adjust your bids, AdWords™ optimization algorithms will shift your money towards clicks that tend to convert, through a rigorous, automated selection process. No matter your current AdWords™ settings, pushing offline sales data will yield a noticeable improvement.

Track post-call conversions.

Because Outleads connects to your CRM, you can send conversion tags at any time – even long after a phone call ends. Whether a phone call leads to an offline conversion a day, week, or month later, simply tag the CRM record and Outleads will do the rest.

Work your way.

Our standard implementation connects to Google Analytics™, which offers ample segmentation capabilities that can be automatically imported to AdWords™. Prefer to skip Google Analytics™ and communicate directly with AdWords™? Contact us post-signup and we’ll set it up for you.

How it works

Open an Outleads account
Install the tracking snippet
Tag inbound leads in the Outleads CRM
Tags show in Google Analytics™

Revenue amounts are sent to as e-commerce transactions. Learn more about our call tracking >

Looking to use an external CRM? We have a Salesforce integration and offer custom implementation for any system. Contact us to learn more.

Tag away.

In addition to conversion tags, you can create other tags for product or service interest, lead hotness, and other attributes. Our tagging area is a text field, so you can customize your tags specifically for you*. There’s no limit, either – so you can create as many tags as you’d like. Every tag is sent to Google Analytics™, where you can create segments that automatically import into AdWords™ for audience targeting campaigns. So bid higher on hot leads, target specific ad creatives to leads based on their activity, and so on. You can also use the segments to perform UI/UX analysis in Google Analytics™.

* Since tags are sent to Google Analytics, they must follow Google Analytics™ Privacy Policy – this means that tags may not include any personally-identifiable information. Read more here.

Take a leap forward.

Rather than matching by information such as e-mail, postal address, or phone number, tags are appended to web sessions. In addition to enabling real-time segmentation and targeting, this cookie-based matching delivers a 100% accuracy rate – even with completely anonymous leads. There is no collecting and verifying information, manual grouping, and cumbersome file uploads. Consider it the next generation of data onboarding: simpler, faster, and that much more cost-effective.


Track and tag calls from e-mail campaigns, landing pages, and more.

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